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Do This Immediately Or Put Your Personal Injury Case at Risk

Do This Immediately Or Put Your Personal Injury Case at Risk

The state of Montana is reportedly one of the most accident-prone places in America with at least a 21.7% fatality rate. As such, there are hundreds of legal cases filed for compensation every year.

If you ever find yourself in an accident, here are essential steps that must be taken to ensure that you will be legally protected and compensated.

Check For Safety

Before doing anything else, make sure that you and everyone around is safe after the accident. Check yourself and other people involved in any bruises, wounds, pain, and even signs of discomfort. If someone sustained severe injuries, take them to the nearest medical center as soon as possible.

Take Notes

Research has found that at an average,  40% of information will be forgotten over the first 24 hours. Therefore, your memory’s recollection of an event will be more prone to errors as time goes by.

For this reason, it is recommended that after experiencing an accident and making sure that everyone is safe, you should write down everything that can be remembered no matter how trivial you think it might be. Such information can be beneficial when you file a case for compensation and liability. The following details are crucial to be taken note of:

1. Events Leading to the Accident

Details outside of the accident are relevant to establish a claim. You should be able to pinpoint how your day went before the accident happened.

This can help in answering queries with regard to what you were doing, where you intended to go, and who was with you that led to the exact moment before the accident took place. Taking notes of these situations can help you when you are questioned about who is responsible for the accident and other possible motivating factors.

2. During the Accident

As soon as possible, take down a detailed or step-by-step note on how you remembered the accident to have taken place. This involves the use of sensory information, such as the sense of sight, hearing, and touch.

As one of the most crucial parts in collecting evidence, details on what you saw, heard and felt must be written down extensively. You can also take photos of the scene so that any changes will not affect the credibility of your statements.

3. Injuries and Damages Sustained

If you sustained injuries due to the accident, such must be noted down immediately. Physical injuries comprise the majority of the amount that can be legally indemnified. You must take note of any bruises, most importantly, any pain that might be internal that you felt after the accident.

You must also check on your surroundings for damages. If the accident is a car crash, then take notes or photos of any breakage or damages. By taking notes of the damages and injuries incurred during the accident, such as bills, repairs, and lost wages can be rightfully compensated. As such, this step is very critical in compensation cases.

Keep Track of Expenses

Medical bills are getting higher by the day, which could cause an undue burden on the injured, in addition to a possible loss of wage. To file a claim for compensation, the court would always need evidence on the amount of financial loss, the more that you can present, the stronger your case may be.

To prove the need for compensation for hospital bills, you could keep receipts and medical invoices. You could also sustain a case for loss of wage by keeping your payslip coupled with a doctor’s certificate, which shows that the inability to work was due to the incurred injury.

Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

As soon as everyone is already in a safe situation, you must seek legal assistance first before moving to claim for compensation. The right personal injury lawyer can quickly help you win a claim, especially when the steps mentioned earlier were complied with.

In Montana, the Glacier Law Firm has helped hundreds of people in their personal injury cases. The firm has helped unburden thousands of families from incurring mountains of debts in compensation cases. Contact Glacier Law Firm today for a free case evaluation by calling (406) 298-6725 or by visiting the office at 20 Four Mile Drive, Ste #4, Kalispell, Montana.


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