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Workers Comp Dragging Along? Here’s How To Speed Up Your Case

Workers Comp Dragging Along? Here’s How To Speed Up Your Case

Workers comp cases can take a long time to pay out. This can be frustrating for people, as they need the money to pay medical bills and make up for lost wages.

Although there’s not always an easy way to speed up your case, there are a few simple steps that you can take to prevent delays in your workers comp claim.

If you are having any issues with your workers comp claim, one of the best ways of speeding up the process is hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case for you.

Record The Details Of Your Case

One of the best ways to speed along your case is to accurately report all of the details of your injury. Any missing details can set back your claim, and possibly even sink it.

Remember, insurers will do everything they can to minimize the value of your claim. If they notice incomplete information, they’ll use it to delay your case.

Record all of the relevant details of your injury. Write down when and where it occurred, and make sure that your employer files their own report.

You should also get copies of any medical reports, as well as bills from visits and procedures. If your forget, it could take longer to process your claim.

Communicate With Your Employer

After an accident occurs at work, you need to make sure that your employer has been informed. They’ll need to file a report for submission to the insurance company, so you want them to have as much information as possible.

By communicating clearly with your employer right after the accident, you can try to get everyone on the same page. If your employer is not willing to cooperate or is falsifying their report, you need to speak to a workers comp attorney.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor is looking out for your best interest, so follow any instructions they give you. If they tell you not to lift heavy weights at work, listen to them.

Insurers will look for any excuse not to give you the money you’re owed. If they find out that you did not follow your doctor’s exact orders, they may be able to drag out your claim and slow down payouts.

Give Your Attorney Updates

Your attorney can only help you if they have the latest information on your case. Make sure to keep them involved by updating them on any changes to your status.

If your doctor has instructed you to avoid certain tasks at work, you should let your attorney know. If the insurance company is giving you a headache, contact your attorney as soon as possible so that they can help resolve the issue.

Heed Your Attorney’s Advice

A skilled workers comp attorney will have years of experience fighting for their clients. They know how to handle your case, so it’s worth listening to their advice.

Most attorneys will recommend that you avoid posting anything about your injuries on social media, as insurers could use this against you. You should also avoid playing up your injuries during visits to the doctor.

Speak To Your Attorney About Your Goals

Not every person wants the same results from their claim. Some people plan on retiring soon, and want to settle their case as soon as possible so that they can relocate. Others want to fight for every dollar and get the biggest payout possible, no matter what it takes.

If you have specific goals, communicate them up front to your attorney so that they can give you appropriate legal advice. They can help you settle as quickly as possible, or prepare you for a longer legal battle if needed.

Find The Right Workers Comp Attorney For Your Case

A bad workers comp attorney can do more harm than good. The wrong legal advice can slow down your case, as well as lower the chances of you getting the maximum possible compensation.

At Glacier Law, we have years of experience fighting for workers, helping them get the payout they deserve for their injuries.

We know how aggressive insurance companies can be. That’s why we fight them for you as you recover, so you can focus on your health.

If you have any questions about your workers compensation claim, contact us today. We offer free case evaluations, where we discuss the details of your injury and how we can help you build a stronger claim.


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