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Travel Reimbursement with Workers Comp? Yes, Really. Here’s How.

Travel Reimbursement with Workers Comp? Yes, Really. Here’s How.

Workers compensation is a law in Montana that grant employees financial recovery from their employers due to a work-related injury. Such regulation has helped millions of people in America get back on their feet while healing from their injuries.

However, a workers comp claim is not limited to medical bills and lost wages. It also covers reimbursement from expenses acquired in getting hospital treatments such as the cost of travel.

The Law on Travel Expense Reimbursement

There is a stringent set of rules and calculations when claiming for travel expense reimbursement. It has three sets, which include meals, lodging, and mileage.

Calculating meal expenses

There is a difference in the amount limit that a person can claim for meal reimbursements. If it is within the state, breakfasts cost $7.50, lunch for $8.50, while dinner will be at $14.50. Out of state, meals significantly costs higher with breakfast at $13, lunch at $14, and dinner meals have a budget of $23.

Calculating lodging expenses

As of October 1, 2019, the standard lodging reimbursement rate is $96 plus taxes. However, a higher rate may be reimbursed depending on the location of the county, which you can check with your workers comp lawyer.

Calculating mileage expenses

On the 1st of January 2020, the Montana Code has provided for a new rate for mileage reimbursement. Travels using personal automobiles will cost $0.575 for those under 1000 miles. However, for trips that reach up to 1000 miles and above, the reimbursement rate is at $.0545,

Mileage reimbursement also includes air travel, and an employee will be refunded $1.150 per nautical miles.

How to Acquire Reimbursement For Travel Expenses

Initially, an injured worker has the right to choose his initial treating doctor. It presupposes that a workers comp claim has not yet been filed. During this period, it is essential to track expenses and keep receipts as evidence.

After a compensation claim is filed and accepted, the employer or the insurance company has the right to select another doctor. At this point, all medical records are usually forwarded to the company. However, it is still essential to maintain a habit of keeping receipts to have a smoother reimbursement process.

Claiming a refund for travel expenses is relatively easy if a claimant keeps his receipt. A person can also ask for a travel voucher before heading for his medical appointment so that gas, public utility rides, and other transactions that do not provide receipts can be recorded accordingly.

Claim Travel Reimbursement With a Trusted Workers Comp Cawyer

Recovering travel expenses requires meticulous lawyers who can help you maintain records and successfully file for a refund accordingly.

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